Top tweeting for maternal health

This week, The Road Less Travelled project (@ARLTAfrica) was honoured to be featured on The Huffington Post blog, in a list of 25 Leading Tweeters on Maternal Health.

The author, Jennifer James, is the Founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good, a global coalition of over 2,000 mothers who care about the world’s most pressing issues.

The organisations and individuals that made Jennifer’s top 25 are united by their efforts in “sharing information that is focused on keeping more mothers alive during and after childbirth.”

25 Leading Tweeters on Maternal Health

We are privileged to be included alongside the likes of Edna Adan, Women Deliver, the Wellbeing Foundation, Maternity Worldwide, the Maternal Health Task Force, and Every Mother Counts, among others – who are doing some truly outstanding work around the world to improve the health and wellbeing of women and children.

Check out the full list & follow the 25 Leading Tweeters on Maternal Health

As a small project working closely with nomadic pastoralist communities in remote areas of Ethiopia and Kenya, we recognise the value of sharing information and learning from each other.

The more stories we share, and the more voices that are heard, the stronger we become in our collective effort to make motherhood safer for all women.

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