On the road to safer birthing practices

This post was written by Sarah Manyeki, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for Mothers’ Union Kenya – Anglican Overseas Aid’s partner in The Road Less Travelled project.

In the remote Maasai community of Morupusi, in Kenya’s Laikipia County, the training and deployment of Community Health Workers (CHWs) is beginning to see positive results. Elizabeth Kaparo was trained as a CHW in 2012, an initiative of The Road Less Travelled (TRLT), a project that is committed to improving access to basic health care for nomadic pastoralist communities.

CHWs, people trained in basic health skills and who live within the nomadic pastoralist communities, are part of the Kenyan Ministry of Health’s (MoH) strategy to find local solutions to the barriers to accessing health services. TRLT partner the Mothers’ Union works with the MoH to facilitate the training of CHWs. This collaboration is an important step to bridge the gap between the traditional practices of these communities, and formal health facilities.

The efforts of TRLT-trained Community Health Workers are starting to have a positive effect on the health of mothers and children in the Maasai community of Morupusi.  Image: Matthew Willman / Anglican Overseas Aid

Mothers and children in the Maasai community of Morupusi are starting to benefit from the training of Community Health Workers, who provide a link between traditional practices and formal health services.
Image: Per Arnsäter / Anglican Overseas Aid

The project envisages the CHWs as a vital asset to their community, offering a cost-effective, accessible, and community-owned health resource.

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