Reflections on the progress of a partnership

Last month saw the release of the inaugural Annual Report for AusAID’s Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES). The Road Less Travelled is being delivered by Anglican Overseas Aid (AOA) as part of this program.

The report is available on AusAID’s website and it highlights the progress made by all the partners in the first year of the program. Our Africa Program Advisor, Phillip Walker, is Chair of the AACES Program Steering Committee. He explains the partnership on the Engage blog, saying:

“AACES is unlike typical grant/donor relationships; it is a partnership agreement between AusAID, 10 Australian NGOs and their African partners. All parties value and support one another to get the best development outcomes in the African countries where we work.

“[It] recognises Australian NGOs’ positive record of working in Africa for some fifty years. Australian NGOs provide unique skills, have a strong base within the communities they work with and are there for the long haul.”

Naatena Lenayora, a mother from the pastoralist community of Samburu, Kenya, where The Road Less Travelled is supporting community-led initiatives to improve the health of women and children. Image: Jay Maheswaran

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Go Bare on September 14

Go Bare on September 14 and help raise awareness for the millions of women and girls in Africa who are going without the basics.

For those born into a life of extreme poverty, basic essentials such as health care and education are too often out of reach. Many women in developing communities lack the rights to make decisions about their own bodies and lives.

Go Bare is an initiative of CARE Australia and Marie Stopes International Australia, supported by AusAID.  It recognises the importance of basic choice and highlights the work being done to reduce poverty as part of the Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme.

This Friday, we encourage you to join the movement: pare back on the excess, spend your day makeup free, or leave your jewellery at home. Put aside those everyday luxuries you can live without. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to do the same, by letting them know why it’s important to you.

By getting back to the basics, you’ll be helping to shine a spotlight on the access inequalities that are a daily reality for women and girls in Africa.

What bare essentials will you go without?

To get involved, please visit